Quickstart Timeline and Benefits Overview

By Max Wickel
April 19th, 2022
Quickstart Agenda Timeline and Benefits
Kickoff Call
Our team works to demonstrate the value of Aptivio integration in the very first meeting.  Elaborating on the Quickstart approach, Aptivio collaborates with your organization to design a tailored campaign strategy to grow sales leads, informed by your organization’s target buyer, major pain points, major competitors, current outreach efforts, and any other pertinent information collected through completion of our onboarding wizard. Once configurations are equipped to accurately capture germane signals and corroborate your organizations go to market strategy, Aptivio develops outreach messaging for Linkedin campaigns, email messaging, and SDR call pitches. When outreach messaging reflects organizational goals, end-users are made familiar with the platform features, and the appropriate medium amalgamation is defined, campaigns are launched through your organization's preferred Linkedin account and marketing email handle.
Market Snapshot
Campaigns launched in the first 30 days of Aptivio activation drive sales pipeline growth, generating engaged accounts for sales team outreach. Initial campaign activation and sales outreach impacts are elucidated through weekly meetings. Converting at least one engaged account into a sale, Aptivio’s experts demonstrate how to navigate the Aptivio platform and how sales leads are classified into three buyer intent categories; Active Accounts, Engaged Accounts, and Competitor Accounts. By the end of this time period, platform users become well versed in operating the Aptivio dashboard. 
Campaign Review
Over the following 30 days, Aptivio describes the evolution of buyer intent signals and how they contribute to opportunity discovery. All personnel using the platform are acclimated to the engaged buyer dashboard, and training sessions educate teams on how to capitalize on insights delivered through the Aptivio platform. Outreach efforts and platform training contribute to a tailored contact process informing rollout direction.
Leveraging a tailored campaign strategy and outreach process, Aptivio positions organizations for rollout success. The portability capacity of Aptivio’s buyer intent AI ensures easy connection to existing tech stacks, capturing data from otherwise siloed data pools. Supplementary configurations address any and all organizational needs, meeting changing expectations as your organization grows. Learn more about buyer intent AI and the Aptivio solution on our website here.