The Story of the Aptivio Crabs

By Garrett Rutledge
February 8th, 2022
If you’ve interacted with the Aptivio brand in any regard, chances are you’ve seen our Aptivio Crabs hanging about. The Aptivio Crabs are more than just brand faces, they’re symbolic of Aptivio’s all-in-one Buyer Intent AI platform, the impact our product has on revenue teams, and the challenge of accelerating sales pipeline growth in today’s volatile B2B markets.
Why Crabs?
You might be wondering, “why crabs?” To answer that question, we must first understand how we at Aptivio view our product. We like to consider our Buyer Intent I platform to be like an intelligent fishing radar for sales. In this context, consider the B2B markets your revenue team operates in to be like the ocean. This B2B ocean is hazardous, endlessly dynamic, and full of competitors trying to stake their claim in this vast expanse. But to establish a sustainable presence here, one must have a differentiated approach that's disruptive and tailored to this volatile environment. That’s where Aptivio’s intelligent fishing radar comes in. Imagine that traditional approaches to gain market presence are like going out to the middle of the ocean with a generic fishing rod. Sure, you might get a few bites and attract some attention, but in the long run, you can’t guarantee sustainability. This old-school method lacks empowerment and ultimately, pushes revenue teams away from each other.

Cap’tivio, the leader of the Aptivio Crabs, captain’s the ship venturing out into the B2B ocean that includes your revenue team and Aptivio’s intelligent fishing radar. Cap’tivio is AI-powered and super-intelligent, and can perform multiple key roles all at once. However, Cap’tivio’s goal is not to take over, it’s to empower the fellow crabs aboard. Cap’tivio is there to help and bring the crewmates, i.e., your revenue team, together. Without the complete collaboration of the entire revenue team, establishing presence and subsequent growth in this B2B ocean is nearly impossible. Cap’tivio, and his intelligent fishing radar, will bring the entire crew together with an all-in-one service. And as a conglomerate, this ship will be impervious to the volatility of theB2B ocean and will be enabled to establish a sustainable presence and fuel further growth.

For a more visual representation of this story, check out the theAptivio explainer video here.
Meet Cap’tivio
As mentioned above, Cap’tivio is representative of the Aptivio product, and is enabled by AI to execute four essential roles all at once. The four key roles of Cap’tivio include Deal Hunter, Lead Nurturer, Risk Detector, and Trusted Advisor.
Cap’tivio understands the pains revenue teams, or fellow crabs, experience while operating in B2B markets and aims to alleviate these pains to ultimately drive sales pipeline growth and deliver revenue outcomes. Cap’tivio aims to serve and so, this captain needs a team lead, and that’s where the rest of the Aptivio Crabs come in.
Meet the Revenue Team Crabs
Cap’tivio’s super-intelligent nature enables the revenue team crabs to find success in the B2B world in a way that wasn’t possible before. The fellow crabs include: digital marketers, sales reps, revenue ops teammates, certified partners, go-to-market strategists, senior leaders, data privacy and IT teammates, and data analytics teammates. Cap’tivio’s capabilities brings this entire team together and supports each role of the revenue team.  
A unified revenue team is essential to survive and thrive in the dynamic B2B ocean. But unity doesn’t come easy, every senior leader can attest to that. That’s why Cap’tivio and his intelligent fishing radar are so valuable to leaders and disruptive to traditional methods of survival in the B2B ocean. Want to see for yourself? Come see more of Cap’tivio by visiting the product page of our website.