Discovering contact information and developing context for outreach are among the most common problems sales personnel struggle with. A study conducted by Revenue IO found that sales teams spend 20% of their time researching opportunities to gather information. Time wasted uncovering contact information and developing context for outreach contributes to inefficiencies that lead to sales team burnout. Aptivio Assistant 3.0 simplifies contact information resolution and opportunity color development with a simple-to-install Chrome extension that works seamlessly with LinkedIn and HubSpot.
Installing Aptivio Assistant 3.0
To install the Aptivio Assistant 3.0, simply log into your Aptivio account and click on your Aptivio profile picture. Select user preferences from the account window to pull up the hyperlink “Have you installed Aptivio LinkedIn Assistant? Download Here.” This hyperlink will redirect you to the Chrome store to download Aptivio Assistant 3.0.  

When you find the Aptivio Assistant 3.0 extension, select install and add the extension to begin using this feature. If you are having trouble finding the new extension, select the puzzle piece in the top right corner of your browser window to view all extensions equipped on your Chrome browser. Logging into LinkedIn, clicking on the Aptivio icon in the top right corner, and then logging into Aptivio using the assistant completes the setup.  
Using Aptivio Assistant 3.0 on LinkedIn
Using Aptivio Assistant 3.0 on LinkedIn facilitates simplistic information discovery when exploring personal and company profiles. When exploring personal profiles, users select the Aptivio icon and find the radar tab to develop contextual insights that catalyze the following actions:  

- Contact Information Discovery
Aptivio Assistant 3.0 scraps for information connected to a personal profile of interest to develop contact information. Streamlining contact discovery unburdens sales teams and reduces time misallocation as sales personnel spend less time hunting for contact information.  

- Opportunity Relationship Discovery
Sales personnel understand the value of connecting LinkedIn profiles with opportunities in their pipeline. By identifying profiles that connect to an existing opportunity and measuring that profile's level of influence on an opportunity, sales personnel can better determine how to conduct outreach to move that opportunity down their sales pipeline. More information guiding outreach leads to more accurate messaging and higher conversion rates.

- Create Buyers  
When a profile matches an opportunity in a sales team’s pipeline, users can add that profile with contact information to their list of buyers in Aptivio. Proactively establishing buyer contact lists creates early sales pipeline growth that mitigates time misallocation from sales teams looking for contact information and building buyer lists independently.  

- View Opportunities Connected to Buyers

For buyers that have already been created, Aptivio Assistant 3.0 identifies the opportunity connected with that buyer’s LinkedIn profile.  

When sales teams are fully informed, they gain confidence which affects conversion rates. Aptivio Assistant 3.0 serves to deliver that confidence-building information that resonates with sales teams and encourages action. While Aptivio Assistant 3.0 captures a host of information for personal profiles, the extension also captures information about company profiles. Like the information captured on individual profiles, clicking the Aptivio icon and selecting the radar tab reveals if the company profile is an Aptivio qualified opportunity. Receiving answers to sales questions while navigating LinkedIn reduces researching time that propels deal velocity. Aptivio Assistant 3.0 makes the same information discovery possible on HubSpot.
Using Aptivio Assistant 3.0 on Hubspot
Aptivio Assistant 3.0 finds contact information for the leads in the Contact tab of the HubSpot platform. In the same vein as contact information discovery on LinkedIn, clicking the Aptivio icon and selecting the radar tab presents the option to scrap for contact information. Selecting “Get Contact Info” creates contact information for that lead without tasking sales personnel with independently developing that contact information. Enabling alerts and notifications in the Menu settings for Aptivio Assistant 3.0 ensures that contextual alerts like opportunity relationships, contact information, or lead quality are never lost on sales teams while navigating Hubspot and LinkedIn. Aptivio Assistant 3.0 reduces time spent researching leads, eliminates related sales team fatigue, and expedites deal velocity. For a demonstration on the Aptivio platform, visit our website here. Explore our case studies page to learn more about the success we have driven for our clients and discover how Aptivio leads the future of B2B sales. As we measure our success by the success we drive for our clients, we enthusiastically pioneer the next generation of AI powered revenue growth.