New Feature: create a custom audience list

B2B sales organizations that struggle to drive results from marketing efforts benefit from Aptivio’s Create an Audience feature for campaign targeting. Not targeted or inadequately targeted campaigns fail to deliver results as messaging does not resonate with the audience reached. Misallocation of marketing spend means that organizations are missing out on the total value of their marketing efforts, contributing to poor lead generation, low conversion rates, and lead generation fatigue as sales teams struggle to convert low-quality leads. The Create an Audience element of Aptivio’s TargetAI module allows marketing teams to target audiences more accurately based on filters that match an organization's go-to-market strategy. By targeting audiences more accurately marketing teams create more sales accepted leads with high conversion potential.

The granularity in constructing filtered audiences facilitated by Aptivio’s array of audience filters contributes to highly accurate targeting, driving engagements, high-quality lead generation, higher conversion rates, and revenue growth that would be impossible otherwise. The graphic below depicts a segment of filters available in the “Create an Audience” menu bar.
Suppose a marketing team decides they only want to target Chief Revenue Officers in a specific region that have visited competitor websites and demonstrate an interest in lead generation on LinkedIn. In that case, that audience can be created and targeted explicitly with the Create an Audience feature. After creating the audience using the filter options, users can export the audience list to a third-party marketing platform like Hubspot. It is important to note that organizations leveraging this tool experience the most success when the persona they want to target is clearly defined. When the target persona is not clearly defined, the filters describing that target persona are not clearly defined, leading to a less accurate targeting.  

Data generated by marketing efforts, including ad engagement, are reflected in Aptivio’s AI-powered revenue growth analysis and used to inform next steps for sales and marketing in a synergistic sales flywheel relationship. For example, members of an audience that engage with an ad, email, or other marketing materials are identified and delivered with insights to sales teams to guide that member through the sales funnel. The graphic below illustrates the relationship between insights developed by Aptivio and actions taken to follow up on those insights:  
This 2022 study on Digital Marketing conducted by Market Evolution found that “64 percent of marketing leaders report that data-driven strategies are vital in today’s economy.” Aptivio’s Create an Audience feature delivers that vital data-driven technology marketing leaders rely on to reach target audiences. Marketing teams can drive more value from their marketing spend, increase lead quality, and increase conversion rates for revenue growth by accurately targeting audiences. Learn more about the results we have driven for our clients with our case studies page here. To schedule a product demonstration, visit our website here.

View the video below that explains our new Audience Tab: