New Feature: My Network

The often-repeated expression, “it’s not about what you know, but who you know,” encapsulates a concept that sales personnel are all too familiar with. Leveraging connections in your professional network leads to sales success. Aptivio’s My Network feature automates the process of identifying profiles in your network that have a connection to an opportunity in your sales-pipeline. Instead of laboriously searching for connections in your network for each opportunity in your sales funnel, My Network identifies those connections and delivers that information to help establish a warm introduction.
For example, if an opportunity in your pipeline has a connection to someone in your team, you may request a warm intro if their privacy settings allow you to as demonstrated in the image above. My Network also delivers sales teams insights into what profiles they should add to their network to further assist with developing warm introductions. Given this feature sales teams are not limited to the insights of their existing network but encouraged to expand their networks. By expanding their professional networks sales teams increase the likelihood of developing connections with buyers in their pipeline, leading to more warm intros and higher conversion rates. Unlocking the power behind existing professional networks and developing networks leverages a crucial resource that would be impossible to manage without automation. Consider how your organization establishes warm connections to potential buyers and take advantage of your professional network with Aptivio’s My Network feature. For a quick video tutorial on Aptivio’s My Network, watch the video here: