New Feature: My Network

The often-repeated expression, “it’s not about what you know, but who you know,” encapsulates a concept that sales personnel are all too familiar with. Tracking and acting on changes in your professional network leads to sales success. Aptivio’s My Network feature automates the process of tracking role changes to nodes in your professional network. Instead of laboriously monitoring relevant role transitions and changes in your network for opportunities, My Network identifies opportunities by tracking role changes for existing customer contacts, previous customer contacts, and target accounts.
Using the My Network feature, sales personnel can easily identify when existing customers change organizations or change roles within the same organization. Knowing when existing customers are transitioning between roles allows sales personnel to offer their congratulations packaged with a solution to potential pain points the customer may be struggling with in their new role. Tracking previous customer contacts presents similar opportunities. With My Network, sales personnel are alerted to role changes for previous customers, allowing them to capitalize on an audience that is much more likely to engage with marketing content, purchase services again, and convert faster. Tracking role transitions for target accounts positions sales personnel to convert target audiences into consumers. Understanding who left, joined, and got promoted within a target organization gives sales teams an information advantage facilitating personalized messaging at the moment target accounts are looking for solutions. If the buyer is connected to someone in your team you may request a warm intro if their privacy settings allow you to as demonstrated in the image above. Unlocking the power behind existing professional networks leverages a crucial resource that would be impossible to manage without automation. Consider how your organization stays in touch with customers and target accounts as they transition between roles and take advantage of your professional network with Aptivio’s My Network feature. Find our quick video tutorial navigating the My Network feature below. For our full setup and use guide, visit our My Network Guide page here.