CloseAI for Sales

Augmented and Automated Network Selling.

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+ $2000
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Stop the blind cold calling

Stop wasting time prospecting for unqualified leads and let AptivIO recommend the ones that are ready for you. Leads that have a clear network path to close.


Real-Time Account Plan

Be proactive, not reactive. Understand your account's full plans:

- Buyer interest changes
- View if their researching competitors
- Learn what topics they're researching
- Receive recommended action steps to help engage and scale.

Aptivio seamlessly integrates into
your existing Sales tech tools

What Our Sales Clients Say

"Aptivio is a game-changer in terms of anticipating Sustainable Finance needs of our large client base."

Sadia Halim
Managing Director, CIB North America BNP Paribas

“Aptivio separated signals from noise and noise vs. signals…increasing qualified sales pipeline by 30% while doubling the use of our Dynamics 365 CRM system.”

Nichole Jordan
Managing Partner, Markets, Clients & Industry​ Chair of Growth Committee​ Grant Thornton LLP (US)
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Use the tools that you already have, automate the mundane tasks, and focus on the leads that matter.

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