BNP PARIBAS Asset Management is the investment management arm of BNP PARIBAS, one of the world’s major financial institutions in sustainable and responsible investing within 37 countries since 2002.
Trends in client evolution, regulation and competition presented an extraordinary opportunity for BNP PARIBAS Asset Management to accelerate their digital presence. Their clients expect them to suggest solutions that cater to their specific needs. Such solutions must be responsive to change and offer insights that are responsible and transparent via a complex mosaic of information.
BNP PARIBAS identified several key goals for asset managers to use within their investment decisions, including extracting the most important insights, generating summaries and creating actionable steps through better use of data. In doing so, BNP PARIBAS could ultimately improve client experience, increase operational efficiency and develop new services.
Initial challenges
To reach these goals, BNP PARIBAS identified three
critical capabilities:
Not just another abm platform
Effective marketing requires intelligent targeting. Our AI Signal Engine is changing traditional ABM. Marketing is now an active participant in the revenue pipeline, with the handoff to sales being AI validated.
Natural Language Processing
Behavioral Trend Analysis
Data Velocity

Solution journey

BNP PARIBAS wanted to use agile techniques to deliver more meaningful analytics models. Aptivio provided expert support to help the company develop new agile capabilities from collaborative working to training and coaching. BNP PARIBAS Asset Management is now primed to deliver essential strategic initiatives to reshape their business in the Netherlands, France and APAC region.
These are the features we enabled:
  • Buyer centric powers
  • Integration capabilities into their existing CRM
  • Digitization of the entire Sales Playbook
  • Generation of live updates
BNP Paribas incorporated Aptivio to take an agile approach to go forward faster, with an augmented sales intelligence tool.
Qualified Opportunities generated
Marketing Nurture
Opportunties Created
Contacts Discovered
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"We ran a successful pilot with a global asset management firm that detected 360 sales-ready opportunities, of which over 40% were accepted by the Relationship Managers as current or new pipeline.“
Jérémy Garcia
Associate Partner Financial Services at BNP
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