Real Buyer Intent

Detect when prospects are in-market.
What is Buyer Intent?
Buyer intent is being able to detect when companies are on the web researching topics related to your product. That is an obviously useful buying signal to know if you can.

Many companies offer buyer intent, How is yours different?

"Real" Buyer Intent is our unique approach to how those signals are created and is far more accurate than category based buyer intent the other companies offer. We create tailored signals specifically for your product, not pre-built generic categories that may be intent for your product...

Competitor Intent

Instead of just knowing when customers are interested in "Cloud" or other generic topics, we can tell you when they are researching your competitors and their products.

  • Unlimited number of competitors searched across billions of web visits in real time

  • Personalize your messaging based on which competitor you are against

  • View the timelines to understand the trends

Topic Surges

Know when customers are researching topics of interest related to your product.

  • Automatically created from the SEO terms on your website

  • Combined with Competitor Intent and all our other signals

  • Updated daily

Our Unique Approach

No pre-built generic categories. We query in real-time our buyer intent database of billions of web-hits, finding the right signals for your products.
Why doesn't everyone do that? Three reasons:
  1. It is easier to resell and package a static database of categories to be picked from.
  2. It is also A LOT of data to process (trillion+ web hits), to store and to retain it all and still be accessible for signals.
  3. Most competitors just buy a pre-packaged database from the same vendor to be cost effective.
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