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"Given the depth of the signals, the ability to find buyers and how to connect to them… there are no parallels in the market right now."

Jomar Ebalida
Revenue Technology Lead at Capgemini

"It is no secret that creating demand in the market has become increasingly more difficult the past 2-3 years. Fortunately, our partnership with Aptivio has allowed us to overcome that challenge at performing at higher levels for our customers. Our partnership has even enabled us to achieve a higher contract renewal rate with our customers than ever before."

Jay Singh
CEO at MarketJoy

"Aptivio's augmented prospecting algorithm is a game-changer for our B2B clients. The analysis of external signals (web searches) allows them to identify new sales opportunities and generate a personalized and qualified audience to use for their digital campaigns. The interface is intuitive and allows the qualification/tracking of sales opportunities identified directly by the users. The solution fits perfectly into Sia Partners' Lead 360 offering, which aims to support our clients in implementing internal and external signal analysis processes/tools to generate more sales."

Sayah Chennoufi
Associate Partner, Head of Marketing, Sales & Customer Experience at Sia Partners

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15% co-sell commissions
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Pricing starts at $30K
Pricing starts at $60K
Pricing starts at $100K
License Restrictions: Up to 10 product lines, and Up to 10,000 contacts resolved per year per strategic business unit
License Restrictions: Up to 50,000 contacts resolved per year per Strategic Business Unit
Standard Terms of Service: 15 months, comprised of 3 months of Pilot Rollout, and 12 months of Scale-out

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