We accelerated Capgemini's sales velocity by uncovering 40% more sales-ready opportunities with Aptivio.
Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breath of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms in over 50 countries..
Initial challenges
To competitively accelerate sales, Capgemini needed an AI Sales solution as a means of deploying a dynamic Sales Playbook globally across their 39 product lines and 122 offerings. This led to a search for a product that:
Detects and prioritizes hidden revenue opportunities
user adoption
Lowers cost
of sales

Solution journey

Capgemini identified the challenge feature requirements and then evaluated their options: build a custom sales intelligence tool and source the data themselves; patch together the current best-of-breed sales enablement tools from well-known vendors to fulfill each requirement; or find a single vendor that satisfies all requirements with an easy-to-setup and use UI.
After a months-long deep evaluation of the major players in the competitive market of Sales Intelligence. Capgemini identified significant shortcomings across the board with serious gaps in the fulfillment of their requirements.
Ultimately, Capgemini chose Aptivio’s Buyer Intent AI platform because of its:
  • Advanced insight into prospects’ online behavior at every stage.​
  • Buyer identification, intent, and accurate contact resolution.​
  • Integration capabilities into their existing CRM (Salesforce), Marketing Automation (Pardot), and various Digital Advertising solutions.​
Capgemini experienced a previously unattainable level of granular control of keywords and signals, and visibility into buying behavior coupled with the contact resolution they required. This level of control and insight resulted in numerous benefits including:
Increase in the number of
sales-ready results leads to
involvement in marketing advertising
Pre-qualified opportunities detected
More high-intent leads
Increase in marketing qualified leads
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Given the depth of the signals, the ability to find buyers and how to connect to them… there are no parallels in the market right now.
Jomar Ebalida
Revenue Technology Lead at Capgemini
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