Billions of buying signals + Enhanced Network Sales

We identify accounts most likely to close, identify the shortest path to connect, and automate your network outreach for sales at scale.
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Ai-powered revenue engine for account based sales
Ai requires real data!
Past Customer Networks, Real Buyer Intent, Technology, News, Expanded LinkedIn networks and hundreds of other signals are what make our platform the best.
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Network and Buyer Intent signals are disrupting the sales landscape

Past customer job changes, influence networks from your whole teams linkedIn, partner and investor connections are all combined to identify accounts most likely to close and give you the influence you need automatically.

Know when potential customers are researching your competitors, or topics related to your product. Learn the difference between our Real Buyer Intent and the one-size fits all buyer intent everyone else uses.


Go-to-Market Sales Playbook Configuration

15-minute online questionnaire

Input your product, competitors, and Go-to-Market strategy.


Signal Mining

24 hours for Aptivio to run and generate a pipeline plan of unexplored, hidden revenue opportunities

Aptivio matches client's Go-to-Market Sales playbook with billions of signals to produce a personalized opportunity space.


Reveal Sales Ready Opportunities with the Networks to Reach Them

Start targeting and closing opportunities

Your marketing team will use TargetAI for efficient marketing and your sales team will use CloseAI for sales.

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30 day ROI benchmark across 40 clients
+24% net new Opps added to CRM
+2.8x campaign conversion
63% Sales CTA conversion.
Capgemini Case Study
We helped Capgemini find a $3 million deal in the first three months of our engagement
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MarketJoy Case Study
We grew qualified pipeline deals for MarketJoy, an AI-enabled lead generation company, by 20% in three months.
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BNP Paribas Case Study
BNP Paribas Incorporated Aptivio to Discover 3.8K Contacts.
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