How we Compare

Since you're going to ask anyways
Data, signals, and AI are what matter.  Without vast and accurate signal data, AI isn't able to perform. Our system is fueled with over a billion data points including buyer intent, technology, news, recent hires, your whole team's LinkedIn Network, and hundreds of other powerful signals.
We put effort into understanding your product position and go-to-market playbook and ensure that the account prospects we identify are leveraging all the right signals to indicate fit and need.  Our AI engine is dynamic and modifies the targets every few hours based on real-time signals so your pipeline is truly dynamic and trustable.

So, you're like ZoomInfo?

Fundamentally, ZoomInfo is a static filterable lead list, with a few pre-built signals, and is the same that your competitors get. It is very useful for broad marketing campaigns that just want lists. Aptivio is an AI-driven sales automation platform, and is not comparable to ZoomInfo's static lists.Also. "It's way too expensive!" says Everyone we talk to.
Can/Should I continue to use ZoomInfo with Aptivio?
That is up to you. We include full lead lists, including ZoomInfo's, in our product as a baseline so it's somewhat redundant.

Sounds a lot like 6Sense...?

We are closely aligned in our ABX capabilities (account-based-everything).  However, we differ in our complexity, ROI, and signal depth. We are days not months to deploy, MUCH less expensive and hundreds of signals more for higher accuracy. 6Sense is also a digital advertising platform that forces clients to leverage their Ad Network to generate intent signals, whereas Aptivio leverages your existing digital advertising infrastructure. We provide value within a day and at a fraction of the total costs because we removed the complexity of signup, integrations, and usability.

Many companies offer buyer intent, why yours?

Buyer intent is a broad, and generic term that is mostly determined by the websites that your customers are visiting. They use prebuilt generic categories of intent that you must choose from. However, our calculation of buyer intent is very different than everyone else's.  In real-time we search billions of website visits, ad clicks, searches, and more over the last year to create Real Intent signals that are tailored specifically to your product.


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