Next generation network selling

Leverage network signals and buyer intent to close more deals.
Prioritize Accounts by Ability to Connect
Combining Buyer Intent with network signals is exactly what Sales Navigator is missing. Account based selling with LinkedIn is now a reality.

Leverage your Team's network

  • Outreach workflows directly in the product

  • Direct to buyer and influencer recommendations

  • Save time with our intelligent influence rankings

  • Anonymous feature allows team members to share their networks conditionally, with approval workflows

  • We help you determine your own strategic network from all the connections you have

Leverage Customer Job Changes

  • Yes. Exactly like UserGems, but combined with all our powerful features.

  • Follow your champions across jobs and sell more

  • Automated outreach for contact job changes

  • Automated outreach for people with the right job titles at your customer that changed jobs

  • Continuously monitors and identifies new opportunities

Collaborate Externally

  • Share Opportunities with your network, partners, investors

  • Collaborate seamlessly, with real sales intel and buyer profiles

  • Focus on closing opportunities with real connections.

Prioritize Your Leads

By turning your teams ability to influence a lead into a signal, we can factor that into the lead ranking.

  • Filter, sort by and focus on leads with the shortest path

  • Focus engagement campaigns based on your own or specific teammates connections (CEO for instance)