We grew qualified pipeline deals for MarketJoy, an AI-enabled lead generation company by 20% in three months.
MarketJoy is a lead development company that delivers sales-qualified leads to B2B companies. MarketJoy's clients count on them to fuel the early stage of their sales pipeline, enabling them to more predictably achieve their revenue targets.
Initial challenges
MarketJoy’s performance levels began to diminish for their clients because traditional lead generation methods were no longer working as effectively. This led to:
Not just another abm platform
Effective marketing requires intelligent targeting. Our AI Signal Engine is changing traditional ABM. Marketing is now an active participant in the revenue pipeline, with the handoff to sales being AI validated.
Lower contract renewal rates
Missed lead guarantee SLA's with their clients
Drop in
Company Revenue

Solution journey

In a highly competitive market, over-saturated with traditional lead generation providers, MarketJoy knew they needed to reassess how they were delivering solutions and producing sales-qualified leads for their clients. They decided to explore emerging sales tech solutions to help with their performance levels.

However, many of the alternatives they found were outdated, inefficient, and produced generic data that provided minimal information and actionable insights. MarketJoy decided they needed to partner with a disruptor in the industry, and one that could provide a more modern approach to help them meet their performance guarantees. MarketJoy identified Aptivio as the disruptor they needed to partner with.
Ultimately, MarketJoy chose Aptivio's Buyer Intent AI platform because of its:
  • Buyer mapping across each stage of the buyer journey​
  • Integration capabilities into their existing CRM
  • Ability to discover hidden revenue opportunities
  • Sales qualified leads with detailed contact information
MarketJoy deployed Aptivio’s buyer intent platform to several clients in the first 90 days. The results included:
Increase in contract revenue value
Increase in SLA performance guarantees
Increase in average contract lenght
from 3-12 month average contract duration
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“It is no secret that creating demand in the market has become increasingly more difficult the past 2-3 years. Fortunately, our partnership with Aptivio has allowed us to overcome that challenge at perform at higher levels for our customers. Our partnership has even enabled us to achieve a higher contract renewal rate with our customers than ever before.”
Jay Singh
CEO at MarketJoy
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