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Coherent offers crucial business software development services that enable companies to transform their excel data into code. By simplifying software development to capitalize on existing data, Coherent establishes cohesion between business systems, data platforms, and external partners.

Because Coherent’s technology services are widely applicable, the opportunity for growth extends into a plethora of industries. To assist efforts to expand into applicable industries, Coherent sought Aptivio as a tool to develop market color. Aptivio’s technology empowers Coherent to reveal industries and opportunities in market for Coherent’s services, and address those opportunities with contextual messaging. Insights delivered by Aptivio assisted in closing ten new deals.

Initial Challenges

Coherent relied on three
critical Aptivio capabilities for expansion:

Solution Journey

Coherent’s efforts to expand into new industries necessitated a technological solution that would help categorize and quantify the conversion potential of new opportunities. Coherent identified Aptivio as an ideal solution for developing these opportunity insights, performing contextual outreach, and unifying sales and marketing data. These capabilities are facilitated through the following Aptivio features:

  • Accurate Buyer Intent Analysis
  • Marketing Automation
  • Dedicated Customer Support


Coherent incorporated Aptivio to take an agile approach to expand quickly, with an AI-powered revenue growth engine.

Ushered in a new era of buyer intent AI technology


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New Deals Closed

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