Aptivio has helped CREALOGIX fill their early-stage sales pipeline as they execute their go-to-market (G2M) strategy in emerging markets.
CREALOGIX is a publicly-listed, global leader in digital banking technology and a Swiss Fintech 100 company. They combine 25 years’ experience with innovative front-end solutions to enable banking and wealth management firms to take their digital customer relationships and revenues to the next level.
Initial challenges
CREALOGIX was experiencing challenges in the following areas of their
G2M strategy execution:
Not just another abm platform
Effective marketing requires intelligent targeting. Our AI Signal Engine is changing traditional ABM. Marketing is now an active participant in the revenue pipeline, with the handoff to sales being AI validated.
Lead Gen Efficiency
& Effectiveness
Connection with Relevant Buyers
& Contact Resolution
Targeted Opportunity Discovery
& Early Contact with Prospects

Solution journey

CREALOGIX has been targeting the Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island markets, with a particular emphasis on market development, brand relationships, building a brand presence, partner relationships, and identifying potential opportunities. Their G2M strategy is being executed across the following segments: retail, SME, and medium-corporate banking and wealth management firms.
To address these challenges, CREALOGIX identified Aptivio as the ideal, all-in-one buyer intent AI platform to help them with their G2M execution enabled by:

Custom platform configuration and data integration
Buyer identification, intent, and accurate contact resolution.​
CREALOGIX deployed Aptivio in their G2M execution and experienced instant time-to-value from our AI-powered platform. The results include:
Conversion rate from campaign
impressions to engagement
opportunities detected

Discovery of Hidden Opportunities
Based on Geographic Location &
Targeted Activity Areas & Execution of Tailored
Outreach by Prospect Buying Stage

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Aptivio has shown that it's possible to gather a lot of very good data, relatively simply that can be used to help fill a funnel.
Jon Marks
Market development & Sales
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