Aptivio helped Michelin uncover hidden opportunities in the medical technology industry. Michelin leveraged Aptivio to catapult their startup incubator project, AirProne.
Applying pneumatics to new sectors, Michelin developed air cushions to treat patients suffering from respiratory distress. With Aptivio’s platform, Michelin experienced lead generation growth that resulted in deal closures. Aptivio acted as a roadmap for how to enter a mature market with a new product.
Initial challenges
Michelin found launching their new air cushion product AirProne difficult due to the maturity of the medical technology industry. Aptivio helped Michelin overcome these three initial challenges:
Not just another abm platform
Effective marketing requires intelligent targeting. Our AI Signal Engine is changing traditional ABM. Marketing is now an active participant in the revenue pipeline, with the handoff to sales being AI validated.
Lead Gen Efficiency
Marketing Audience Targeting
Market Color Development

Solution journey

Michelin sought to release a new product into the medical technology field and needed to find a solution to both explore the market and make strategic sales and marketing execution decisions.  This is a critical point in the lifecycle of any product, how to release it to the market and grow sales.  They sought a solution that could provide a clear path to success for market research and testing, release and growth in sales.  

Michelin leveraged Aptivio's TargetAI solution to first research the market for the new product release "AirProne", determining which companies are active in the market for a solution and if the target buyer groups were accessible.  Aptivio demonstrated a clear market and enabled Michelin to begin personalized targeted campaigns directly through the product which resulted in overwhelming response rates.  Aptivio's CloseAI for sales enabled them to engage and close more deals through accurate prioritization, sales intel, and contact data.
These capabilities are facilited via the following Aptivio features:
  • Digitized the Sales Playbook into AI Signal Driven Market Research
  • Targeted and Personalized Efficient Campaigns
  • Actionable Buyer Insights and Contact Information
Michelin deployed Aptivio in their G2M execution and experienced instant time-to-value from our AI-powered platform. The results include:
Highly Interested Leads Developed
Increase In Campaign Response Rates
Discovery of Hidden Opportunities
Based on Geographic Location &
Targeted Activity Areas
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Something we did not anticipate is the amount of replies we had to manage, we were literally overwhelmed!
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Operation Inbound Marketing Manager
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