How Aptivio’s Market Co-Pilot
Strengthens Your GTM Strategy

Effective sales outreach is all about precision. But most businesses are throwing paint at a wall to see what sticks, wasting resources on unqualified leads.

The result - a clogged pipeline overflowing with prospects unlikely to convert. Industry analysts at Sirius Decisions estimate that poor lead qualification costs B2B companies an average of 67% of their marketing budget.

AI tools significantly boost our ability to study marketplaces and gain intelligence. These tools rapidly process huge quantities of data, frequently offering insights in seconds or minutes. As the expression goes, "time is money," and in market intelligence, being quick and accurate provides you an advantage. According to the Journal of Marketing Analytics, AI-driven analytics can accelerate decision-making by up to 70% compared to traditional techniques.  

AI excels in predictive analytics, which is critical for forecasting market trends and what consumers will do next. According to go-to-market (GTM) experts, predictive analytics can increase the accuracy of market forecasts by up to 40%. AI can detect market opportunities that human analysts miss, demonstrating its ability to discover new data patterns.

However, data quality, algorithm complexity, and market size determine AI's success in market analysis. This means that, while artificial intelligence (AI) changes the game, it is not flawless. To avoid blunders, AI systems should be viewed as complements to human intelligence rather than replacements. This ensures a balanced approach to developing an autonomous go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

The Achilles Heel of Sales Pipelines: Not Knowing Your ICP

Let's face it, many companies struggle to define their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). They rely on basic firmographics like industry and size, which offer a shallow understanding at best. A study by Rev  reveals a shocking truth: only 18% of companies' pipelines actually align with their ICP! That means a staggering 82% of effort is wasted on prospects unlikely to convert.

This makes it impossible for any leader to develop and execute a capital efficient grow strategy. So what does a good ICP look like?

The Power of Exegraphics

Aptivio’s Market Analyst goes beyond demographics. It leverages the power of exegraphics, a huge amount of data showing your ideal customers' inner workings. Exegraphics puzzle out how a company functions on the inside. So, try to imagine AI-powered insights that explore:
Exegraphic data helps eliminate the false positives you’ve likely experienced with buyer intent. Two companies might appear identical on paper, but Aptivio’s Market Analyst reveals the hidden patterns that differentiate them. For instance, Company A might prioritize innovation and rapid product adoption, while Company B might be more risk-averse, focused on established solutions. These seemingly subtle differences can have a major impact on their buying behavior. This allows you to target lookalike prospects with a high propensity to convert. Thus, giving you a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that supports every channel motion, not just sales.

Building a Dynamic ICP: The AI Advantage

While exegraphics are powerful individually, their true magic lies in aggregation. Aptivio’s Market Analyst combines 1 Billion data points every 24 hours to craft a dynamic ICP, a living document that constantly evolves alongside your customer base. This ensures you're always targeting the hottest prospects, not yesterday's news. In a world where go-to-market is becoming more autonomous than ever, here why this matters: With every new customer or account expansion, your Aptivio’s Market Analyst refines your ICP definition. No more static PowerPoint slides gathering dust; this is a real-time understanding of your ideal customer, constantly adapting to market shifts and competitor innovations.

Finally! Identifying High-Potential Accounts in Your Pipeline

Once you have a laser-focused ICP, it's time to evaluate your pipeline. Aptivio’s Market Analyst analyzes each prospect against your ICP criteria, revealing a goldmine of insights.
  • Prioritize high-fit prospects: Identify accounts with the strongest alignment to your ICP, ensuring your sales team focuses on the most promising leads. These "golden nuggets" should be prioritized for immediate outreach and nurturing.
  • Nurture not-quite-perfect leads: Some prospects might show potential but lack a few key characteristics of your ideal customer. For example, they might operate in the right industry but have a smaller size than your typical customer. Your Aptivio Market Analyst helps you segment these leads for targeted nurture campaigns. By providing relevant content and thought leadership pieces, you can educate these prospects and move them closer to becoming ideal customers.
  • Eliminate dead weight: Not all prospects are created equal. Aptivio’s Market Analyst helps you identify and eliminate those with a low chance of conversion, freeing up valuable resources for more promising pursuits for your salespeople.
Imagine a pipeline overflowing with qualified leads, perfectly aligned with your ICP. Our Market Analyst makes it possible!

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Also, if you want to experience the insights generated from our market analyst for your business, let us get that generated for you.