How Your Virtual Partner Manager
Simplifies your Nearbound Strategy

How do you know if you’re getting the most out of your partner network?

A recent study by Marketstar shows nearly 60% of businesses expect partner-driven revenue to jump over 10%, with some anticipating even more than 20%.  

Building strong partnerships is the lifeblood of business growth!

Studies show companies with solid partner relationships see a 28% increase in customer buying likelihood and a 33% loyalty boost. However, building and managing these partnerships may be difficult and time-consuming. Sales and development teams often get bogged down with tedious tasks like identifying potential partners, researching their fit, and nurturing relationships – all while managing their core sales responsibilities.

That is why we’re talking about Aptivio’s Virtual Partner Manager (VPM) - which is made possible with Gen AI. It is a revolutionary copilot designed to transform how businesses build and manage strategic partnerships. Think of a virtual partner manager as your personal assistant for sales and business development. Simplified, it uses artificial intelligence to streamline the process of finding, connecting with, and activating high-value partners.  

Partner programs often fail to drive long-term revenue because they struggle with partner enablement. Teams are great at acquiring new partners, but the time it takes to enable, activate, account map, and build a plan for execution across each partner is labor-intensive. This is where the Virtual Partner Manager assists.

Easily Building Your Ideal Partner Profile

A strong network is the foundation of any successful partnership. Aptivio’s partner manager helps you identify your IPP. This feature creates this network by tapping into a vast pool of potential partners within your specific market. It utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze industry trends and competitor data, allowing you to develop a data-driven go-to-market strategy that identifies the ideal partners like (agencies, investors, advisors, resellers, consultants) to propel your business forward.

The Virtual Partner Manager doesn't stop there. It also boasts an Introduction Facilitation feature that leverages your existing network. Imagine having a tool that scans your LI contacts and identifies individuals who are connected to your target accounts. Your Virtual Partner Manager can facilitate introductions through these shared connections and relevant signals, greasing the wheels of the relationship-building process.

The Power of Social Media Integration

LinkedIn and other social media networks offer an extensive range of possible partners. Our virtual partner manager integrates smoothly with LinkedIn, allowing you to connect your personal contacts while instantly expanding your professional network. However, the copilot goes beyond simple contact management like other tools. The AI signal mining engine examines social signals from LinkedIn profiles to determine partner fit, engagement with prospects in your ICP, and direct connections with your in-market accounts. This is a powerful way to combine your gtm partner strategy with a signal-led approach to outbound.

Partner Activation and Enablement

In a survey by Clicky  over 80% of business leaders acknowledged that partnerships are vital to their growth. Yet, managing these partnerships effectively remains one of the biggest challenges.  Finding the right partners is just the first step. Our virtual partner manager allows you to activate and enable your partners for maximum impact.

The Partner Utilization feature provides insights on how to leverage your existing partner base more effectively. The partner copilot analyzes data to suggest referral and co-sell strategies and identifies execution gaps for improved engagement.

Data-Driven Decisions for Stronger Relationships

The best part of our virtual partner manager is that it doesn't rely on guesswork; it leverages the power of signals, historical data, and predictive AI. By analyzing your network and partner profiles, it’s Connection Strength Analysis assesses the strength of your connections based on metrics like comments, likes, webinar collaborations, past jobs, duration of the connection, etc.

These insights, coupled with Relationship Insights gleaned from social media activity, help you prioritize high-potential partners. Imagine having a clear picture of the health and quality of your partner relationships – this empowers you to make informed decisions and invest resources in the partnerships that hold the most promise. And it does so in a capital-efficient way across your entire go-to-market ecosystem.

The Benefits of Aptivio’s Virtual Partner Manager

The Future of Partner Management

The Virtual Partner Manager revolutionizes businesses' partner management strategies, and we see this transforming how businesses connect, engage, and collaborate with partners. Strong partnerships are crucial, we are all aware of that! Aptivio’s partner copilot provides the tools and insights to build a thriving partner network to maximize your go-to-market strategy.

A Unified System for Growth

Even though partnerships are proven to be important, 73% of marketers consider managing partners to be a major challenge.  With the right tools and knowledge, this challenge should be easier in the future!
Partner management constantly evolves and Aptivio provides a forward-thinking approach, enabling businesses to foster robust ecosystems grounded with the right data insights.

By simplifying operations, identifying key partners, and delivering timely performance analytics, your partner manager may be what you need to fully optimize your go-to-market strategy.  So, why not embrace the transformative benefits of AI for your partner management strategies?