The Seven Best Ways to Grow Email Marketing Engagement: Lesson One

By Max Wickel
June 29th, 2022
If your organization conducts marketing campaigns, email marketing likely falls into that media mix. The advantages of email marketing are evident to marketing team leaders, as Litmus reports that, “on average, email drives an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent, higher than any other channel.” To ameliorate the ROI of email marketing, Aptivio identifies seven tricks that encourage email marketing engagement. In lesson one, we elaborate on two of those tactics Making Email Campaigns Responsive, and Personalizing Messaging.

#1: Make Email Campaigns Responsive

The proliferation of technology develops a landscape where email messages are viewed on a wide variety of devices. These statistics reveal the importance of optimizing email campaigns for device responsiveness:

1. 81% of respondents surveyed by Adobe said they check their email on smartphones, 74% said they check their email on desktop/laptop, 21% check on a tablet, 2% check on a smartwatch.

2. A study conducted by Super Office found that nearly one in five email campaigns are not optimized for mobile devices.

3. Sale Cycle’s research reveals that 42.3% of email recipients will delete a message if the email has not been optimized for mobile devices. 32.2% of respondents reported they would read the email later on a desktop.

4. Campaign Monitor identified that if the message doesn’t display correctly, 70% of opened emails will be deleted within 3 seconds.

As technology continues to transform and expand the repertoire of devices serving email marketing messages, email campaigns that fail to deliver responsive messaging will suffer from diminishing engagement. Marketing leaders can get ahead of the curve and encourage email marketing engagement in the present by optimizing campaigns for delivery on any device.

#2 Personalize Messaging

Developments in artificial intelligence enable hyper-personalization of email marketing messages. But still, Hubspot finds that only “20% of retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods and services companies are personalizing emails based on gender, race, ethnicity.” These statistics illustrate how email personalization grows email marketing engagement:

1. Research conducted by Dynamic Yield reports that 88% of respondents say they are more likely to engage with an email if it looks like the message has been specifically tailored to them.

2. Super Office finds that addressing recipients by their name can increase open rates and CTR by up to 35%.

3. 10% of respondents surveyed by Adobe say they are annoyed by too little or no personalization.

4. 62% of marketers surveyed by Business 2 Community describe personalization as the most effective technique for improving email marketing engagement.

Email tokenization facilitates personalized website experiences that build off the momentum described in these metrics for personalized email campaigns. By personalizing email marketing, marketing leaders can easily grow email marketing engagement and achieve sales pipeline growth. The Target AI component of the Aptivio platform simplifies email optimization and personalization for marketing teams to arrive at sales pipeline and revenue growth. Find how our all-in-one AI-powered revenue growth engine seamlessly integrates with existing marketing software and begins driving results in just 10 days on our website here. To review the results we have driven for our clients, visit our case studies page here. For more information on email marketing engagement, discover lesson two on “The Seven Best Ways to Grow Email Marketing Engagement”.