The Seven Best Ways to Grow Email Marketing Engagement: Lesson Three

By Max Wickel
July 1st, 2022
So far in this series, we have explored five strategies for growing email marketing engagement. Growing email marketing engagement is vital because, as Mailigen reports, “89% of marketers use email as the primary channel for generating leads.” By growing email marketing engagement, marketing teams generate more leads and more opportunities for deal closures. In this third installment, we elaborate on two final tactics marketing teams can employ to grow email marketing engagement: Featuring Sharing Options, and Email Automation.

#6 Feature Sharing Options

If the targeted audience doesn’t complete the intended CTA, social sharing options offer a secondary CTA that assists marketing goals.The following provides a representation of how social sharing options are becoming more prevalent in email marketing and how including sharing options impacts email marketing engagement.

According to GetResponse Newsletters that include social sharing options deliver a clickthrough rate 158% higher than newsletters without social sharing options.

GetResponse also found that the frequency of emails featuring social sharing options increased from 18.3% in 2020 to 29.4% in 2021.

In addition to increasing clickthrough rates, featuring sharing options in email marketing campaigns expands the reach of messages, potentially connecting with opportunities that fall outside of a set target list. As featuring social sharing options in email marketing becomes standard, marketing teams that don't implement these features will miss opportunities for email marketing engagement.

#7 Email Automation

The frequency and time period of message delivery has a big impact on email marketing engagement. Employing an email automation solution delivers emails to target audiences at salient moments to produce a conversion. Some statistics revealing the importance of email automation are as follows.

1. In one Marketing Charts survey, 64% of B2B respondents report using email automation technology.

2. Research by VentureBeat found that 47% of marketers are certain that automation is worth the investment.

3. 68.5% of respondents to Liana Technologie’s survey expressed a belief that automation improved message targeting.

4. GetResponse calculated that triggered email campaigns deliver an average open rate of 46% and a CTR of 11%.

Developments in email automation technology are transforming how marketing teams perform email marketing. B2B leaders that employ email automation capitalize on those advancements for email marketing engagement growth and revenue growth. The TargetAI component of Aptivio’s AI-powered revenue growth platform functions as an all-encompassing tool for marketing, including email automation.    

Email marketing engagements stimulated by marketing efforts conducted through Aptivio’s TargetAI module are reflected back in Aptivio’s platform to illustrate market color for sales teams. Facilitating marketing and sales efforts in a single platform aligns revenue operations for revenue growth. To view the impact we have driven for our clients, visit our case studies page here. To explore how marketing teams navigate the TargetAI component of the Aptivio platform, schedule a demo with one of our product experts on our website here. We look forward to our synergistic relationship.