Aptivio's mission and values

By Max Wickel
May 16th, 2022
As a key technology innovator shaping the future of sales, Aptivio continuously strives to deliver the most effective buyer intent AI platform. We are committed to driving transparent results for clients and transforming the buyer intent AI landscape through a company culture of inclusivity and synergy. Guided by our values of Empathy, Accountability, Problem Solving, and Passion we define success by the impacts we effect for clients. Our emphasis on company culture contributes to a workforce passionate about results, culminating in a new way of thinking about buyer intent AI and establishing the new standard for the buyer intent AI marketplace.

Company сulture

Aptivio’s commitment to our employees reflects the foundation on which we can build solutions for our clients. Promoting a culture of self-reflection and self-development, Aptivio provides continuous learning opportunities with Viva learning courses and dedicated employee learning days. Employees are encouraged to learn from each other’s mistakes through 360 performance reviews conducted on a bi-annual basis.

The 360-performance review encapsulates Aptivio’s values and creates a workplace that's respectful and enjoyable for all. Employees take ownership of changes they prescribe by elucidating their opinions through our employee engagement form and employee life council. The empathy for employee opinions is demonstrated by leadership adopting those changes and fostering a company culture where employees feel represented and passionate about manifesting change for clients through creative solutions.

Transparency in company culture translates to transparency and accountability in how our employees develop and execute solutions for our clients.

Aptivio as a Co-pilot

Our buyer intent AI software acts as a co-pilot to existing sales stacks rather than a new captain. Driving the most value from existing technology investments by connecting siloed data pools to synthesize buyer intent describes our core objective for collaborations with clients. Instead of evaluating buyer intent through a predetermined array of signals, we work with our clients to tailor signals for lead categorization. Empathizing with our clients, we understand the need for this tailored approach and we are passionate about designing custom solutions to achieve revenue operations unification and sales growth.

Co-building buyer intent AI solutions with our clients propagates a transparent relationship where clients understand what signals contribute to lead generation, how to navigate the Aptivio platform, and how to leverage the platform to grow conversions. Transparency in the design and implementation process holds Aptivio accountable for client success, so we define our success by the impact we can deliver for our clients.

Catalyzing deal velocity to reflect our clients’ go to market strategy is central to our mission rather than supplementary. Our approach to working in collaboration with clients to arrive at results instead of applying a one-size-fits-all solution distinguishes Aptivio from our competitors and unlocks sales growth.

Leading the Change

Buyer intent AI platforms are traditionally defined by their complex user interface and reliance on a single go-to-market signal, leading to low user adoption because the insights are not sufficiently actionable to Salespeople. Aptivio redefines buyer intent AI platforms by packaging all relevant go-to-market signals in the most intuitive AI platform in the market. It automates onboarding, ROI is easy to prove out, and it encourages use with actionable insights.
We want to empower CROs in a top-down sales pipeline growth model with the tools they need to boost utilization of their existing sales stack. The future of buyer intent AI necessitates a focus on personalization for clients, end-users, and the leads this technology generates. At Aptivio we are proud to act as a trailblazer toward that future. For more on Aptivio’s buyer intent AI engine and our company values, visit our website here.