The 5 Best Sales Intelligence YouTube Videos

By Max Wickel
June 29th, 2022
Research conducted by Insivia found that, “viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text.” To provide a resource that sticks with our audience, Aptivio has compiled this list of the Five Best Sales Intelligence YouTube Videos. These videos simplify sales intelligence and depict how sales intelligence solutions will evolve to radically transform traditional sales journeys.
#1: 7 Business Intelligence Terms Everyone Should Know | BI For Beginners
The language of sales intelligence and business technology can be very complex. The terminology used by one organization may be totally different from the terminology used by another organization. This video breaks down seven of the most common business and sales intelligence terms to prepare beginners for the world of sales intelligence.
#2: What is Sales Technology?
For those equipped with a good understanding of the most common terminology used to describe business and sales intelligence, this more detailed video elucidates the basics and benefits of sales technology. What function does sales technology facilitate for organizations leveraging these platforms? How can that technology be optimized to leverage all the data generated by an organization’s data collection systems? What important aspects should decision-makers consider when selecting a sales technology solution? Answering these central questions provides a broad overview for those without experience with sales technology.
#3: Buyer Intent Data and Sales Intelligence with Ed Marsh - Make It Happen Mondays
Intent data powers sales intelligence platforms. This video dives into the minutia of how sales and marketing teams would traditionally determine the purchasing intent of an opportunity and how data analysis has evolved to more accurately describe buyer intent. Understanding the value of various data sources, how that data feeds into a user-facing sales intelligence tool, and the best applications for that data within a sales intelligence tool are vital concepts for sales leaders.
#4: The Future of Sales SaaS Tools with ex-IBM executive and the founders of SATeNAV | Technology TV
Buyer intent refers to the data generated by online activities that reveal the “intent” of a potential lead towards purchasing a product or solution. The primary function of buyer intent is to determine whether the user behavior of a lead classifies them as “in-market” or not. “In-market” leads demonstrate buyer intent that reveals they are ready to buy or are considering purchasing a product or service. When captured and conveyed succinctly, buyer intent ameliorates revenue operations by producing high-quality leads and describing their position within a sales flywheel. The graphic below illustrates a segment of the digital signals Aptivio monitors to synthesize buyer intent:
#5: AI Sales Intelligence with Aptivio
We might be a little bias here, but our Aptivio Explainer Video conveys highly valuable sales intelligence information for sales leaders as sales intelligence evolves. The video elaborates on how the Aptivio Platform serves as an all-in-one sales intelligence tool built for the future of business intelligence. Aptivio connects siloed data to develop the most accurate representation of buyer intent and delivers those insights packaged with highly actionable next steps. Discover how Aptivio reveals hidden opportunities and aligns revenue operations by booking a demo with one of our product experts here.  

For more information on sales intelligence technology and the evolution of revenue operations, visit our blog page here.
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