Why Aptivio is the Antidote to Lead Generation Fatigue Syndrome

By Max Wickel
June 6th, 2022
Not all leads are created equal. Marketing efforts that feed sales pipelines with poor quality leads end up burdening their sales teams rather than helping grow sales revenue. Lead generation fatigue syndrome sets in, inhibiting meaningful progress towards sales growth. Aptivio’s sales enablement AI engine is the antidote to lead generation fatigue syndrome, remedying lead generation pain points for sales and marketing teams.

Symptoms of Lead Generation Fatigue Syndrome

Lead Generation Fatigue Syndrome can be diagnosed by Time and Effort Misallocation, Team Burnout, and Budget Misallocation.

Time and Effort Misallocation
According to this study conducted by Destination CRM, “47 percent of sales professionals   believe the quality of leads generated by marketing needs improvement.”  Instead of measuring campaign success by the quality of leads generated, marketing too often   measure success by the number of leads generated. Sales teams find themselves wasting time deciding between leads and developing context for outreach. In the time wasted researching and contacting under qualified leads, high quality leads go ignored.

Team Burnout
As described in this Belkins report, sales teams that struggle with the rejection of under qualified leads begin to experience burnout. When sales teams burnout, sales platform adoption drops off as sales personnel understand they can’t count on the leads delivered through the platform. The investment made in the platform becomes a liability instead of an asset.

Budget Misallocation
Reaching audiences to create leads takes marketing budget, even poor quality leads. Marketing budgets spent creating poor quality leads are unable to generate a return on investment as the leads generated convert at a much lower rate. This report from  Kissper exemplifies the relationship between low quality leads and low conversion rates. 

Lead scoring emerged as a popular mechanism for generating higher quality leads and reducing lead generation fatigue but lead scoring alone cannot unify marketing and sales efforts for the most synergistic relationship. As explained by this article from Passage Technology, lead scoring fails to incorporate pertinent data that accurately portrays lead quality.  A more advanced solution than lead scoring must be incorporated to drive sales pipeline growth and higher conversion rates.

Aptivio’s Lead Generation Fatigue Solution

Aptivio’s buyer intent AI software facilitates sales pipeline growth and increased conversion rates where lead scoring alone cannot. Aptivio captures buyer intent for potential leads measured through over 150 proprietary signals. The graphic below depicts a segment of the signals Aptivio captures and what constitutes a signal:

Because Aptivio builds our array of buyer intent signals to match your organization’s go-to-market strategy, Aptivio’s buyer intent insights are highly accurate. Sales teams can view leads considering competitor products, identify interested buyers, and keep track of past customers as they transition between roles.

These insights culminate in more informed sales teams and more deal closures. The insights categorizing a lead are delivered to sales teams through the Aptivio dashboard packaged with next step action cards, so outreach efforts are informed and personalized rather than generic and ambiguous. Efforts to contact those leads are reflected in Aptivio’s analysis of that lead, producing actionable insights to continue moving that lead down a sales funnel in a sales flywheel relationship. The graphic below depicts this relationship:

Delivering high quality leads with actionable insights to guide sales personnel through the buyer journey mitigates lead generation fatigue as sales teams are equipped with the tools and information they need to drive revenue growth. As B2B selling moves towards technological enablement, organizations that fail to incorporate lead generation solutions will continue to suffer from the symptoms of lead generation fatigue. Discover how our buyer intent AI has impacted lead generation efforts for our clients on our website here and learn more about buyer intent AI with our buyer intent AI whitepaper.