The New Normal in B2B Selling & Why Aptivio is Primed for It

By Max Wickel
May 11th, 2022
Leveraging lead generation technology has become a necessity for B2B sales organizations. Companies that fail to incorporate lead generation technology into their tech stacks suffer from a lack of perspective on their target audience. This lack of perspective leads to wasted marketing budget allocation and time wasted targeting the wrong leads. Incorporating unavailing buyer intent technology exacerbates inordinate budget and time allocation. Compared to similar software solutions, Aptivio provides a more granular understanding of target audiences, informing lead generation, marketing, and high conversion outreach efforts. Aptivio’s platform is designed to facilitate revenue operations at every stage, beginning with educating organizations on what their target audience is looking for.

How Aptivio Strenghtens
Marketing Efforts

Spending marketing budget on untargeted leads fails to deliver results and squanders organizational resources. Buyer intent data illuminates target audience exigencies enabling more accurate messaging. Aptivio excels at delivering a detailed understanding of target audiences by accurately capturing more signals than competitor platforms. The table here depicts a segment of the 150 signals Aptivio analyzes to evaluate audiences.

Using the vast array of signals captured by Aptivio, organizations can ensure their marketing budget serves to address only those audiences that demonstrate a specific combination of behaviors. For example, organizations that want to target only audiences that are in-market and researching competitor options can do so by launching marketing campaigns informed by Aptivio’s buyer intent platform. More accurate marketing campaigns encourage more engagement from target audiences which translates into more buyer intent data that further improves targeting and messaging efforts in a self-propagating sales flywheel relationship. The visual representation below illustrates this relationship.

The capacity to more accurately understand user behavior through the entire sales journey and target audiences through various organization-specific signals contribute to more high-quality lead generation. While buyer intent data assists marketing teams with intelligent budget allocation, sales teams benefit from improved lead quality and outreach automation.

How Aptivio Supports Sales Teams

The same signals used to direct marketing efforts are used to develop lead pools,  categorized by the array of buyer intent signals a potential lead exhibits. While other buyer intent AI platforms develop lead pools through the lens of predetermined metrics, Aptivio works to establish the most salient array of metrics that align with companies’ go-to-market strategy for developing different buckets of leads. Because the leads generated through Aptivio’s buyer intent AI are specific to companies’ go-to-market strategy, leads in each classification bucket are more likely to convert than leads manifested through a predetermined filter. Insights for leads within each lead bucket are described to sales team personnel through personalized action cards. Not only are sales teams equipped with a sales pipeline that matches their go-to-market strategy, but they are also equipped with clear next steps for converting those highly qualified leads into buyers. For example, a sales representative establishing a connection with a warm lead would be able to personalize outreach messaging by describing how the services the organization provides match the same services the lead searches for. Personalizing sales messaging for high-quality leads drives higher conversion rates, propagating sales velocity that otherwise goes unrealized.  

Achieve More With The Same Tech Stack

Portably packaged for easy integration, Aptivio compliments rather than replaces companies’ existing tech stacks. Aptivio works as a copilot for achieving intelligent marketing allocation, sales pipeline growth classified by lead buckets, and higher conversion rates. Because Aptivio takes a tailored approach to designing lead classification signals based on companies’ go-to-market strategy, our buyer intent AI more aptly positions organizations to hone their revenue operations than prefabricated solutions. Uncover the full potential of marketing allocation by more succinctly targeting audiences of interest. Drive conversions and move leads through your sales funnel from those lead buckets with personalized outreach messaging. To begin reducing wasted marketing budget and wasted time contacting poor leads, enhance revenue operations by implementing Aptivio’s buyer intent AI. We look forward to our synergistic relationship!