Why Aptivio AI RevOps is the Secret Ingredient For Chief Revenue Officers

By Max Wickel
May 11th, 2022
Researching “RevOps” online will serve a host of information from vendors offering their own interpretation of what it means and attempting to explain its virtues. Performing research for “RevOps framework,” “methodology,” and ‘solution” serves almost identical results! CROs (Chief Revenue Officers) are measured by outcomes rather than theory for decision making, rendering the information available on search engines useless. To address Chief Revenue Officer expectations and values, Aptivio presents a unique vantage point of RevOps, and our own pragmatic-path to RevOps outcomes.

Growing New Market Share is Enormously Difficult for Chief Revenue Officers  

It’s no secret that B2B markets have profoundly shifted. The “new normal” in B2B market share capture has changed assumptions on purchase behavior, effective market strategy, and accompanying tactics. Sales growth was once relatively assumed; but now, it must be engineered by Chief Revenue Officers. Renewed approaches to win customers to gain new market share have become critical. Integrating sales and marketing are crucial objectives, and market strategy must adapt. But traditional methods of capturing market share have hit a roadblock. Companies must dynamically adapt to the new normal to hit their revenue targets and realize sustainable market growth.

Aptivio RevOps Buyer-Intent -The New Frontier  

AI buyer intent has disrupted the RevOps data market. AI can turn data into so much more and provide more buyer intent solutions than just the data itself. The ideal buyer centric AI system would be an all-in-one platform that includes buyer intent. It's harder than ever to discover, attract, and convert in-market buyers, but Chief Revenue Officers don't want more tech, software, or data, they want revenue outcomes. AI's remarkable capabilities can be leveraged to deliver those outcomes in previously unimaginable ways. Those outcomes can only be realized when AI is harnessed correctly, and specifically tailored to the end-user. Aptivio captures buyer intent signals from in-market buyers, and channels those signals into early-stage pipeline enabling companies to achieve revenue targets.  

The back end of Aptivio’s platform will then virtualize and orchestrate your entire sales stack via advanced plug-ins and APIs. Aptivio provides complete orchestration at all levels of the sales stack to optimize the actions and functions of your revenue team. Our AI ecosystem also learns from actions taken and revenue outcomes to continuously improve user experience and effectiveness. The constant learning of our AI machine allows sellers to optimize segmentation, personalization, conversion, predictability, and levels of  trust.  

The capacity to more accurately understand user behavior through the entire sales journey and target audiences through various organization-specific signals contribute to more high-quality lead generation. While buyer intent data assists marketing teams with intelligent budget allocation, sales teams benefit from improved lead quality and outreach automation.

Aptivio AI RevOps Outcomes Generates  

Most intent data providers focus on the earlier stages of the buyer lifecycle, generating insight and in-market classifications at the account level. Buyer intent data delivered at  the account level provides acute benefits for marketers. The in-market categorization for accounts enables marketers to execute more segmented and targeted campaigns and increase their ability to attribute their actions to revenue outcomes. In short, the idea is that buyer intent data will optimize marketing functions and customer demand quality, which will increase the sales organization's likelihood of creating early-stage pipeline growth.

The Disruptive Force Leading the Charge  

Aptivio is the pragmatic AI platform. We combine the best of both worlds between data and AI, and we democratize access to AI like no one else on the market. The difference between Aptivio and other buyer intent players is we have leveraged our AI expertise to build an all-in-one, accessible, and affordable buyer intent AI solution from the ground up. Our buyer intent data, signals, lead scores, action gaps, and feedback loop all function as part of one cohesive AI platform and deliver sales actionability.