Aptivio Co-Founder Guy Mounier Describes the Future of AI in Sales

By Max Wickel
May 11th, 2022

Recently Aptivio’s CEO and Co-founder, Guy Mounier, sat down with Jay Maymi on the Jay Maymi Talk show to discuss the future of AI in sales and marketing software. Their conversation uncovered how AI will fundamentally transform the way salespeople find qualified leads and connect with decision-makers. Here we review some of the key takeaways and elaborate on Aptivio’s buyer intent AI solution.

Why Does AI Integration Matter?

“If you're not using this kind of technology, then you're not seeing all the opportunity blind spots that you should be able to detect.” - Guy Mounier

In the age of big data, sales signals are easy to miss. Guy makes this point clear to Jay when he describes the disadvantage of attempting to manually synthesize data to identify leads. AI’s capacity to automate lead generation by analyzing signals from disparate data sources unburdens sales personnel while growing sales pipelines. By better understanding where opportunities lie and what stage of the buying process potential consumers are at, organizations can win more clients and outmaneuver competitors.  

What Problems Does Aptivio Solve?

“As I mentioned, lead gen is hard. The ROI of lead gen efforts actually diminishes as competition increases... So fundamentally we address the struggle with lead gen effort and the ability to connect really effectively with your decision-makers." - Guy Mounier

Understanding which leads have decision-making capacity at their organization, what they need, and what they are searching for, gives sales personnel an advantage when performing outreach. Guy touches on this point when he describes the importance of implementing a sales AI solution that can effectively connect sales personnel with decision-makers. Aptivio’s buyer intent AI grows opportunities while prescribing direction on how to engage opportunities with personalized action cards. Instead of sacrificing bandwidth searching for a connection that can take action, sales personnel can immediately identify pertinent opportunities and make contact with personalized messaging.

How Does it Work?

“Aptivio is an AI engine and it is patent-pending. So there's a lot that goes on behind the scene, to make this work, but the good news is that it's packaged as a cloud service. It's extremely easy to set up and to use.”   - Guy Mounier

Machine learning AI technology self optimizes to arrive at the most accurate prediction possible given the inputs entered. As described by Guy, Aptivio is packaged as a cloud service, making our software highly portable and able to easily integrate into existing tech stacks. Connecting otherwise siloed pools of data across your organization's tech stack enables the Aptivio AI to formulate accurate predictions and personalized action cards. Aptivio’s user-friendly design encourages platform adoption and enables organizations to take full advantage of the data their tech stacks generate. Exemplifying the value we see in our product, Aptivio relies on the Aptivio platform to identify and contact opportunities. As a result, Aptivio has been recognized as a top AI sales assistant provider by Cision. Grow with us by capitalizing on your technology investment with Aptivio’s buyer intent AI and learn more about Aptivio’s offerings here. To listen to the full podcast, follow the link here.  

Not just another abm platform
Effective marketing requires intelligent targeting. Our AI Signal Engine is changing traditional ABM. Marketing is now an active participant in the revenue pipeline, with the handoff to sales being AI validated.