Aptivio Highlighted for its Effective Multi-Cloud Strategy

By Garrett Rutledge
December 21st, 2021

In an Oracle blog post, Aptivio and our Co-Founder/CEO Guy Mounier were featured among four other startups and CEOs to highlight effective multi-cloud strategies for startups. The post focuses on four major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle. Multi-cloud strategies have become increasingly popular as of late, as Gartner estimates that 81% of organizations are working with two or more public cloud providers. Such strategies allow companies to reduce costs and have more freedom to use the right cloud for specific workloads.

In the blog post, each startup was highlighted with information on who they are, what their day-to-day business processes resemble, and how they effectively utilize a multi-cloud strategy. Aptivio CEO Guy Mounier points out that we use all four of the major clouds referenced at the beginning of this article. Guy mentions that “each one runs a specialized workload” for Aptivio and that we’ve experienced very little latency between the cloud providers.

The post also mentions how Aptivio runs 24/7 worldwide. We use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to help us manage and process an incredible amount of data that we aggregate from online sources. But as Guy points out, we also utilize the other major clouds to run additional workloads and help us provide the best possible user experience: “While OCI has strong security, very high availability, and the ability to process internet-scale data volumes on demand, we use Google to manage data enrichment and natural language processing, Azure for data orchestration, APIs, and automation, and AWS to store the frontend components that deliver our user experience.”

Aptivio will continue to utilize their multi-cloud strategy to manage their substantial growth all while delivering exceptional results to their customers.