The Hidden Signals Telling You Exactly
Who's Ready to Buy (Thanks to FADSER)

The ultimate goal in B2B sales (aside from revenue) is to understand buyer behavior. But with so much noise in the digital space, how can you tell which potential customers are sincere about their interest and prepared to buy?

By using buyer intent signals, the FADSER model enables you to transform your sales approach from a chaotic guessing game of who’s ready to buy to a very targeted go-to-market outbound motion.

Fit, Access, Demand and Buyer Stage signals are used for Sales prospecting while Engagement and Risk signals are related to your closing and retention process.

The FADSER Way: Fit, Access, Demand, Stage, Engagement, Risk

FADSER acts as your north star, with each letter standing for a crucial data point extracted from buyer intent signals:
  • Fit: Do they match your ICP? It doesn’t matter how strong your intent signals are – if the account showing buyer readiness isn’t a good fit, it’s a waste of your time, money, and effort in closing them. Fit signals help uncover the opportunity white space of their ICP.
  • Access: Do you have access to power? Getting executive buy-in early in the sales cycle expedites time to close. Access signals highlights those you already have relationships with who have direct access to power. Ultimately, equipping you and your sales teams to have strong introductions.
  • Demand: How strong is their buying intent? By analyzing 1st party search queries, website behavior, and social media interactions, you can gauge a prospect's urgency. Are they actively downloading whitepapers, scheduling demos, participating in webinars, or checking out competitors? These high-demand signals indicate a prospect ripe for conversion.
  • Stage (Buying Stage): Where are they in the buying cycle? Buyer intent signals can shed light on a prospect's research patterns. Are they exploring broad industry topics or diving deep into specific product comparisons? Understanding their buying stage allows you to tailor your messaging accordingly.
  • Engagement: How interested are they? Analyzing click-through rates on emails, content downloads, and social media interactions reveals a prospect's level of engagement. High engagement signals, especially social signals across LI (likes, comments, conversations, etc) indicate a hot lead who deserves immediate attention.
  • Risk: What are their potential roadblocks? While buyer intent signals highlight opportunities, they can also expose potential risks across your customer base. Are there negative reviews about your product surfacing online, are competitors dominating the conversation, are your customers visiting your direct competitor's website and pricing page? Identifying these risks upfront allows you to proactively address them in your sales approach.

The Signal Advantage: Beyond Demographics

The days of depending just on demographics and statistics are long gone. FADSER signals offer a real-time window into a prospect's mind, revealing their needs, urgency, and buying stage. This empowers your sales team to:

FADSER in Action: A Signal-led Motion That Converts

B2B companies are facing a slump in lead generation. They come to Aptivio because they struggle to identify high-value prospects and their sales funnel's running dry. They've often tried intent tools or some form of ABM triggers...but didn't see the ROI. By using Aptivio's FADSER model, they implement a signal-led, go-to-market strategy that offers a direct attribution to pipeline regeneration and revenue.

To give an example: a recent customer noticed a surge in website traffic from a specific industry vertical. Analyzing the custom signals within Aptivio, they discovered these prospects were consuming whitepapers on a particular challenge that the company's solution perfectly addressed.

Armed with this valuable intel, the company tailored a targeted campaign highlighting their solution and its ability to solve this specific pain point. The results were impressive. Paired with relevant signals alongside the website visitors, the company saw a significant increase in qualified leads, reignited their sales funnel, and ultimately boosted their sales.

This is just one example of how FADSER, combined with Aptivio's platform, drives a capital efficient go-to-market strategy, designed for revenue growth.

Taking Control of Your Sales Pipeline

With the use of buyer intent signals, FADSER provides a clear road map for identifying and understanding your potential customers. Focus your attention on prospects who are actively looking for solutions similar to yours and stop spending time on unqualified leads.

Aptivio provides the tools and insights executive leaders need to leverage FADSER effectively.