What Are the 5 Go-To-Market Strategies?

While there are certainly more than five strategies of success for go-to-market, there are some key elements any go-to-market strategy a business must consider. Each go-to-market strategy must…

1. Identify ideal client profiles (ICPs)—and how to reach them.
2. Establish
value propositions to guide tactics and research.
Define a market strategy for the product or service being launched.
Catalog the buyer journey and how the product/service can reach each segment.
5. List all required resources and go-to-market metrics to quantify success.

Developing a go-to-market strategy framework counts on those five components for success—and all of those components count on having reliable, consistent streams of data. Whether you’re launching a new product or business, your decisions should be backed by objective, measurable data that sparks future insights. And that comes back to having the right tools to fuel your success. Read on to learn how data supports these five components of your marketing management plan, and how tools like
Aptivio help businesses build a go-to-market strategy template for years to come.

How Do You Come Up With a Go-To-Market Strategy?

All the possible answers to this question come back to a singular concept: data. Just about every good business decision relies on data, from past successes to future opportunities. But the figures that form your data can’t just be any old numbers from any old source. Good data needs to be…

  • Accurate (provide reliable, factual information to your business)
  • Targeted (focus on specific, narrowed segments and/or audiences)
  • Actionable (give potential for insights, discoveries, or ideas)
Frankly, many market research tools either don’t hit all these points or do so in a mediocre fashion. Much of the information available is either too ambiguous to verify, too scattered to provide focus, or too generic to be helpful for a strategy. Keep these three key factors in mind when planning your market research, as the methods and tools you use will determine the quality of your data.

Selecting your research methods wisely sets you up for success. Tools like Aptivio provide the accurate, targeted, actionable data to guide market success; by leveraging powerful AI engines, Aptivio can help you both see the big picture and zoom in on your specific market segments. You can watch what’s happening in your market, how you (and your competitors) are performing, and even draw insights from your data by mapping unique patterns.

How Do You Explain a Go-To-Market Strategy?

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is a plan for debuting something to potential customers, whether that “something” is a new product/service, brand identity, or a new business altogether. Your actual GTM strategy will involve a lot of details, but the core of the strategy should be easy to share with everyone—including teammates, leadership, stakeholders, and business partners.

The challenges of explaining a GTM strategy are the same as getting the data to create one in the first place; if your GTM strategy isn’t data-informed, targeted, and responsive to the market, it will be difficult to explain to others—and it likely won’t generate success. That said, summarizing something as intricate as a GTM strategy can be difficult, especially with all the components that go into making one work. Translating data trends into words is especially difficult—which is why in many cases, it’s best to let the data speak for itself.

Solutions like Aptivio are created with this pain point in mind, making it easier for you to share buyer signals with key personnel. And because Aptivio also provides connections to future opportunities, you’re able to provide discussion points for future sales, making marketing meetings that much more productive and insightful.

How Do You Create Your Go-To-Market Strategy?

If your answer involves data, you’re already ahead of the game. But where does your data come from, and can you rely on it for more than mere numbers? If not, consider a research tool like Aptivio. While most solutions out there only give you the “what,” our AI-powered research engine also gives you the “why,” “where,” “who,” and “how”—all of which are crucial for staying on top of the market. You’re able to not only see whether you’re successful, but what parts of the buyer journey to focus on, what patterns exist in your success, and even potential new segments to target.

Ready to have your data work for you, rather than the other way around? Get your Market Snapshot for free today, and start your journey towards GTM success.