Where B2B Demand Generation Agencies Fall Short

By Max Wickel
July 19th, 2022
According to Airisx, outsourcing demand generation is 43% more effective than in-house demand generation. B2B demand generation agencies clearly give B2B sales companies an advantage, but B2B sales companies that outsource demand generation efforts to B2B demand generation agencies should be cautious. Despite more effective demand generation results, B2B demand generation agencies that struggle to develop demand from a company’s ICP, evolve over time and automate revenue operations fail to drive the most value out of a B2B sales company's demand generation investment. Here we review how B2B demand agencies are falling short.

Does Demand Come From the Correct ICP?

Evidence from Forresters research suggests that 31% of demand generated by marketing efforts fails to fit an ideal customer profile. Generating demand from an ill-fitting audience can be attributed to two factors, incomplete or inaccurate information on the ICP of a B2B sales company, or poor data capture and analysis.  

Aptivio’s Quickstart Onboarding program and buyer intent analysis are designed to elucidate a B2B sales company’s ICP, and facilitate highly accurate audience targeting. Our case studies page here reveals how Aptivio helped Micheline identify their ICP, enabling Michelin to successfully enter the mature medical technology industry with a new product. Our Quickstart Onboarding page here describes how B2B sales companies can get started.  

Once a company’s ICP has been identified, Aptivio’s buyer intent analysis establishes accurate targeting of audiences that fit that ICP. By connecting over 150 billion external data points, Aptivio’s buyer intent analysis drives demand generation unmatched by demand generation competitors. For more information on Aptivio’s buyer intent analysis, find our buyer intent whitepaper on our website here. Demand generation agencies that develop demand from the appropriate ICP and empower accurately targeting are able to drive the most return on demand generation investments when they are able to evolve over time and automate revenue operation processes.

How Do B2B Demand Generation Agencies Evolve Over Time?

Forbes finds that a shocking 40% of marketers think their demand generation tools are outdated. To meet changing marketer expectations, B2B demand generation agencies should be able to evolve over time. Aptivio’s simplistic integration and adaptability provides B2B sales companies with a demand generation service that evolves to meet changing organizational goals and tech stacks. With 24/7 signal monitoring and buyer intent analysis that reflects user behavior at search level, Aptivio’s AI-powered revenue growth engine ensures B2B sales companies are alerted to opportunities in real time.  Our blog post “How Aptivio Creates Intelligent Orchestration” elaborates on how Aptivio’s team works with clients on an ongoing basis to reflect organizational goals. By constantly evolving our platform Aptivio's functionality remains up to date, addressing changing revenue operations needs, including automation.  

Act-on’s research reveals that 73% of B2B marketers feel they are only somewhat successful at effectively leveraging the data generated by B2B demand generation agencies. To capitalize on data captured, B2B demand generation services should automate certain revenue operations. Aptivio’s AI-powered revenue growth engine automates several revenue operations tasks to drive the most value out of demand generation budgets. In our blog post “How Aptivio Helps CMOs with Sales & Marketing Alignment” we describe how Aptivio automates tasks and the benefits of automation.

B2B Demand Generation With Aptivio

Aptivio’s B2B demand generation excels in areas where B2B demand generation agencies fall short. Explore the results we have driven for our clients on our case studies page here, and visit our blog to learn more about sales intelligence technology. Begin extracting more value from B2B demand generation efforts by scheduling a demo with one of product experts here.