The Seven Best Ways to Grow Email Marketing Engagement: Lesson Two

By Max Wickel
June 30th, 2022
Marketing teams that conduct email marketing campaigns understand the importance of growing email marketing engagement. As reported by Content Marketing Institute "40% of B2B marketers claim that email newsletters are the most important tactic in their content marketing strategy." To drive marketing results, Aptivio elaborates on seven tricks that encourage email marketing engagement. For the first two tactics, review lesson one here. In lesson two here we will review three additional tactics for growing email marketing engagement, Segmented Audience Lists, Inclusion of Visuals, and Getting to the Call To Action.
#3 Segment Audience Lists
In the same vein as message personalization, audience segmentation marks the difference between successful and unsuccessful email marketing campaigns. The following statistics illustrate the impact of audience segmentation on email marketing engagement:
By segmenting audiences for more accurate targeting, marketing teams increase email marketing engagement for sales pipeline and revenue growth. Combining segmentation with the following tactics further increases email marketing engagement.
#4 Include Visuals
Including videos, pictures, or even emojis makes email messages more digestible for recipients impacting email marketing engagement. The statistics below demonstrate how including visual elements impacts email marketing.
When adding visuals to email marketing campaigns to stimulate engagement, marketing teams need to be cautious that those visuals don't impede load time for target audiences. Beyond five seconds of loading time, 74% of audiences reached will abandon the email entirely according to Kinsta. Visuals should aid in simplifying messages to drive recipients down a sales funnel instead of distracting from the main message.
#5 Get to the Call To Action
Target audiences that open an email from an email campaign open that email to collect on whatever benefit is conveyed in the subject line. To avoid those audiences from bouncing when they open the email, make the call to action that intrigued those audiences the focal point of the body copy. According to Aweber, “An average marketing email consists of 434.48 words and it takes 3.3 minutes to read.” Staying within these parameters gets target audiences to the call to action quickly, reducing bounce rates.    

The capacity for Aptivio’s TaretAI module to create segmented audiences for email marketing provides a vital solution for marketing teams. To learn more about Aptivio’s AI-powered revenue growth platform for marketing, visit our website here. Explore our case studies page to review the results we have driven for clients, and schedule a demo with one of our product experts. In the third lesson on strategies to grow email marketing engagement we review the final two tactics we identify as most beneficial for marketing teams.