Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your most common questions!

How To Get Started With Aptivio

The QuickStart onboarding process simplifies Aptivio integration. To get started companies complete a short onboarding wizard describing their go-to-market strategy and current tech stack. Aptivio uses this information to establish the necessary website trackers and connectors to begin launching initial awareness and engagement campaigns. At this point endusers receive access to Aptivio University, an educational resource describing how to navigate the Aptivio app.

Results from initial campaigns are reviewed after ten days of campaign activation. Companies receive a market snapshot generated from engagement signals, and Aptivio begins training team leaders for sales and marketing alignment. For a full description of the Aptivio QuickStart onboarding process, visit our QuickStart Timeline and Benefits Overview Page here.

How To Create a Custom Audience With Aptivio

Aptivio’s Create An Custom Audience feature allows marketing teams to create highly target audience lists for message distribution. To create a custom audience list, marketing team members establish the filters qualifying an audience member in the “Create an Audience” menu bar, and select create an audience. The audience list created can then be exported to a CRM like Hubspot, or used directly in Aptivio’s campaign launching dashboard. Because Aptivio’s Create an Audience feature allows for extremely granular signal arrays, targeted audiences are highly tailored to an organizations ICP. For more information on our Create and Audience feature visit our Create an Audience page here.

How To Leverage My LinkedIn Network to Engage Opportunities

Aptivio’s My Network feature alerts users when an opportunity in their sales pipeline has a connection to a profile in the users’ LinkedIn network. To leverage this feature, users identify an opportunity they would like to engage with and then navigate to the MyNetwork section of the opp. Here users can find the connection they share with the opportunity and ask that connection for a warm introduction. By leveraging LinkedIn connections with Aptivio, companies hone outreach efforts and secure more deals. Find our My Network page here to learn more.

How Do We Qualify an Opportunity?

Aptivio’s AI-powered revenue growth engine connects billions of data points to reflect the buyer intent of opportunities. Comprised of over 150 digital signals, Aptivio’s buyer intent analysis qualifies opportunities through an extremely granular lens. The signals qualifying an opportunity are manipulated by team members, including Fit, Access, Demand, and Stage of an opportunity.

Access - What contact has the most influence over that opportunities purchasing decision? Is there someone in the sales team’s network that can establish a warm connection?

Fit - how close is that opportunity to the sales team’s ICP? (EX: The opportunity’s industry , fundraising efforts related to the opportunity, changes to the opportunity’s number of employees)

Demand – Is this opportunity demonstrating purchasing intent?

Stage Where does this opportunity fall in the buying cycle? Early stage, actively researching, or sales ready?

Find our product page here for more information on the filters Aptivio uses to qualify opportunities.

How to Prospect on LinkedIn Using the Aptivio Assistant

After downloading and installing the Aptivio Assistant Chrome Extension and logging into Aptivio, users can begin taking advantage of Aptivio’s AI-powered revenue growth engine while navigating LinkedIn. With the Aptivio Assistant Extension running, sales teams can view contact information and develop context for personal and company profiles on LinkedIn. Users are alerted to profiles that have a connection to existing opportunities, and encouraged to add profiles to buyer lists when they discover a profile that matches an opportunity in their sales pipeline. Buyers that have already been created are connected to the opportunity they stem from. Our Aptivio Assistant 3.0 page here provides further detail.

How to Prospect in the Aptivio App

With the CloseAI, license sales teams gain access to qualified opportunities. Using the discovery module, sales teams can focus on top qualified opportunities that have received marketing messages, demonstrate buyer intent consistent with the companies ICP, or search for a company’s competitors. Once sales team members decide to engage an account, they select a buyer from Aptivio’s list of buyers most likely to convert, get their contact information, and start closing deals. The CloseAI page here elaborates on prospecting in the Aptivio app.

How to Track Digital Ad Clicks With Aptivio

Using the TargetAI solution, companies can create custom audiences to launch digital ads. With our tracker installed on the company’s website, marketing teams are alerted when an account visiting the company’s website is coming from a digital ad click. Based on the location of that visit, companies can easily track the prospect at the origin of the click.

Is Aptivio GDPR Compliant?

Aptivio generates opportunities at the account level, as no personal data is used in our processing. Our contact resolution is completely customizable based on the privacy policies of our client’s area. If your team is operating in Europe, you can disable any personal contact data and choose LinkedIn as an option to reach out to prospects. Our full GDPR compliance information can be found on our GDPR page here.

What Company and Buyer Data Can
I Expect to Access Using Aptivio?

For each opportunity, we provide data at the company and contact level:

Company - Linkedin, Website, Industry, Revenue, Employee Count, Funding Information, Growth Contact: Name,

Contact - Job Title, Phone Number, Email, Location

How Does Aptivio Interact With My Existing Stack?

Our app interacts fluently with any sales intelligence system. Whether it is a CRM system, a marketing automation system, or sales engagement tool Aptivio integrates without overwriting existing tech stacks. Pull data from Aptivio to supercharge your systems, and feed Aptivio with your sales and marketing engagement activities to move opportunities down a sales funnel.